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About us

The apiculture traditions in Ukraine have age-old history. Annual honey yield in Ukraine is around 50 000 tones.

APIPACK LTD was established in 2004 by the founders involved in honey export business for dozen of years. Our main business activity is honey processing, packing and trade (mainly exporting).

We exported beehive honey to US, Europe, Russia. Rather long the main package was in bulk (steel drums). Nowadays we develop the line of packed products including manually made with processing under body temperature.

Main partners of Apipack are located in Lithuania.

The production is located in Kirovograd, one of biggest honey crop areas in Ukraine.
The plant consists of processing equipment, homogenizer with tank 25 MT made of stainless steel, blender. There is also stock for raw and bulk honey.

At the same time the export sales are conducted from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine to have more possibilities to manage the situation.
Current marketing focus of Apipack is also directed to Asian regions, especially to Far East.

Besides Kirovograd area our purchasing network also has especially strong position in 3 Ukrainian regions: Vinnica, Cherkassi, Nikolayev.

Our Vision - Natural (non-GMO) Green-labeled Ukrainian beehive products and healthy food mixtures on West-European, North-American and Asian markets.

We are always ready for long-term cooperation with interested investors, trade financers, agents, end-buyers and resellers.
12.01.2005 - We assimilated production of creamed honey.
15.02.05 - This WEB site is launched.